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California Community Foundation
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Jennifer Stark


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The Annenberg Foundation
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Dwight Stuart Youth Fund
The Kathryn Caine Wanlass Charitable Foundation

“This year I stepped away from my role as an Inner-City Arts Program Coordinator and jumped into a writer’s room for the show “This Fool” on Hulu. I’m very grateful and excited to navigate the world of writing and comedy … but I was sad to leave Inner-City Arts. I first started my creative journey as a student there, and I hope you all know how much of an impact your support has had on my development, both as an individual and as a creative. I remember taking almost every Institutes class and being a part of the fist Work of Art cadre!


I’m glad that you allowed me the opportunity to help create memorable experiences for students across Los Angeles. Thank you for listening to my ideas and making me feel like I had something to contribute and say … I am so grateful to have been a part of something truly special.”

Vince Caldera, 
Former Inner-City Arts student and staff member

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88rising: Head in the Clouds Festival
Amazon Studios
Ameriprise Financial Foundation
Berro Family Charitable Fund
Boston Scientific
California Arts Council
The Capital Group Companies, Inc.
P.C. and Rosana Hsu Chao Foundation
City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs
Joseph Drown Foundation
The Rosalinde and Arthur Gilbert Foundation
Kelly and Stephen Goldstein
Great Public Schools Now
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“At Para Los Niños (PLN) we deeply believe in the power of education to transform the lives of our children, families, and communities. For us, education is far more than traditional academics — our holistic approach embeds opportunities to tap into and lift up creative channels for all students through visual and performing arts. Access to art should not be seen as an add-on for learning; it is essential for child development.

Inner-City Arts has been a partner of Para Los Niños since its founding, and we continue to shape and deepen that partnership to meet the needs of the moment. We are so proud of this connection and the experiences our students get weekly by walking over to the beautiful Inner-City Arts campus or engaging with its teaching artists in the PLN classrooms. These opportunities for youth have expanded their minds, but also their confidence in themselves. Knowing that they are seen, embraced, and supported by community institutions like Inner-City Arts empowers our children to dream big on their journey to success.”

– Drew Furedi,
CEO of Para Los Niños

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“Inner-City Arts opened the door to so many amazing opportunities that I would not have had if it was not for this organization such as performing in front of hundreds of people and learning about careers that had never crossed my mind.


Inner-City Arts influenced my professional and career goals by giving me the opportunities to learn about so many distinct careers and giving me the resources that aided me in going to my dream school …


Ultimately, I was inspired to search for a career where I am able to aid students in becoming confident, authentic, [comma added] and creative just as the staff at Inner-City Arts did for me as a child.”

– Giselle Barrios,
Program Coordinator at Inner-City Arts

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